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Each coin in your pocket is a potential treasure waiting to be discovered.

There are ninety-two £2, £1 and 50p designs circulating in the UK but very few people know about them.

They tell the story of Britain - our history, our culture - even our sporting successes. What's more, some of the coins you have passed over the counter to pay for a newspaper or sandwich may actually have been genuinely scarce.

Enjoy creating a lasting heirloom

Now you can collect them all with the official Change Checker Album. For just £9.99 (+p&p), you'll have space to collect nearly 100 coins directly from your change. That way you can enjoy collecting the treasure in your pocket today and create a lasting heirloom forever.

Plus you can visit the Change Checker website to find out more about each of your coins and their history, and even discover other Change Checkers who you can swap your coins with.

FREE £2 Coin when ordered today

If you order your Change Checker Album today, we'll also send you your FREE introductory £2 coin - whether you keep it or spend it.

Simply add to your basket now and your Album and FREE £2.00 coin will be despatched to you post-haste.

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  • Includes 5 PVC pocket pages and ID cards for each coin
  • FREE £2 coin could be any circulating £2 coin from the decimal era. If for any reason you wish to return your album, please include your £2 coin otherwise you will be charged for the coin.

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